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Demand Curves: Pt 1

New Years was a total bust.  Spent the night alone with a hot couple of tea and an econ book.  Usually I enjoy spending my time this way but am miserably behind on dissertation and completely alone.  Everyone was gone for the holidays, the town is empty when school is not in session.

Now it’s 11 a.m. and I’m totally bored today. I should spend the day reading (economics books), preparing for my new job (industry postdoc with cool and bizarre new hedge fund — more about that later), or writing my dissertation (I’m ABD).

Somehow I’d rather lay around in bed and read romance novels. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the loneliness but I’ve been a bit lazy yesterday. Usually, I’m up at 6 a.m. to get some reading in, then off to the gym, then spend the rest of the day reading, studying, writing.

But lately, I’ve been sleeping in a lot and slacking off watching Westworld, My Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and re-runs of old shows like Sex and the City and Friends.
Okay — you probably want to know a few key facts about me. I live in New Hampshire and am working on a PhD in Economics at Noble University. And I didn’t go from worst rural public high school in a collapsed mining town to a top ten best econ program for nothing. Not me. I gave up TV and worked my ass off to get a prep school scholarship, then ivy league, now Noble. But lately, I’ve been having trouble concentrating and working.
Right now I wish I could run across the room and talk to Poppy but she’s on Christmas vacation with her parents. She’s in Ireland this year, touring the Mourne Mountains. The pics that she keeps posting on facebook are not to be believed. It’s sublime. Like a scene from the Hobbit or Game of Thrones. Without all the blood and killing of course. It’s breathtaking.

I’ve known Poppy since high school. She was not a scholarship student, but she was one of the most efficient, focused students and we bonded right away. She went on to Princeton undergrad and William and INSEAD for business school. We reconnected at Noble when she joined the B-school faculty (that is the Sterling Business School — top three in the US) to research corporate governance issues.  It’s my opinion that Poppy could have had an even more stellar career in the corporate world.  A focused woman like her could have been the next Sheryl Sandberg.  But she took a research post at Sterling to be close to her boyfriend, EM, who is a PhD student in Computer Science here at Noble.

Now Poppy’s room is packed neatly into boxes, and I’ve got to find a new roommate. I’ve been procrastinating on that too which is thoroughly unlike me but she’s been the best roommate ever. I will miss living Poppy so much. I keep wishing she would change her mind.


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