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Demand Curves: Pt 4

Makeup or not makeup? That is the question.

We’ve talked about her moving in with EM many times. I’ve warned her again and again that moving in with her boyfriend before he buys an engagement ring is a stupid idea.

Now she’ll be stuck in pre-engagement hell. The zone of death. She may as well give up any chance of ever getting married. He can string her along for years and then dump her and marry a younger woman. But no. Poppy has been in love with EM ever since junior high when he was the class president, best at model UN.

It would be okay for me. I never plan on getting married. But getting married has been Poppy’s goal forever even though she won’t admit it to herself or anyone else. She cares as deeply about getting married as she does about her career or anything else. She’s already named the two kids that she plans to have with EM.


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