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Demand Curves: Pt 3

Tried to get in some more reading but still – spent much of time staring off into space. This makes me nervous. I love economics but it’s ultimately not about money. It’s about trade. Finance really isn’t my thing and I’m worried my new job will be totally boring. Still pays better than a straight up academic postdoc. Much better.

Added to my reading list: “Fooling Some of the People All the Time“ and “The Intelligent Investor“ and went to the library to look for them. Checked both out but ready for a break or for some human contact.

Texted PA and MK. Both in town. Will meet for drinks at Canoe later. Feeling better. They’ll have a few ideas about finding a new roommate. Mb PA will need someone. Ha ha. That’s wishful thinking. He won’t need anyone.


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