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Demand Curves: Pt 8

Reading a book called Marriage, A History by Stephanie Coonz. A great book. I highly recommend you check it out. Here are some interesting tidbits so far:

Putting sex, love, relationships, and intimacy aside for a second, marriage has historically a social system — sometimes a political system and often an economic system — a way of uniting two sets of families or clans, a means of uniting political parties, averting wars, expanding property, consolidating wealth, etc.

Also — we all complain about the scarcity of good men and the decline of marriage. Check this out. In some cultures, marriage was such an important value that ghost marriages (marriage between a live person and a dead partner) occur. This was a means of cementing an alliance between families. But in the early twentieth century — this is recent folks — in the Canton delta, some women chose ghost marriages as a means of remaining independent. “it was not so easy to find and unmarried dead man to marry.” Wow. At least women our age are fighting over live men. Sort of. Some of them spend so much time in front of their video games that even a ghost might be more interesting.

File this into a movie idea: ghost marriage.


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