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Demand Curves: Pt 14

Wow — been more than a week since I last posted.  So much has happened to keep me busy.  Poppy is back in town and her boxes are gone.  Last week, I started my new job as an industry NYC with my friends Valya and Isobel.

For the record, Valya — her name is Valentina — is a new friend.  She’s a Russian PhD student in the molecular and cellular biology department at Noble.  She’s very exotic and flirtatious.  There’s  not a man in town who isn’t in love with her.  We met because we attended all of the rallies together during the primary season.  New Hampshire is absolutely the best place to be in during the primary season.  I was pulling hard for Marco Rubio (ah, Marco Rubio…remember him?) and she was pulling hard for Hillary Clinton — very weird for a Russian, I know.  So I disagree with her a lot politically but there are some things that I take very seriously, enough to join the women’s march.  But I went as a last minute thing and

And Isobel is a friend from grade school.  She and Poppy and I were a trio and she also dislikes EM.  We both think he’s bad for Poppy so it was a relief to be able to say so to someone.

Speaking of EM and Poppy.  She’s officially moved in with him.  A poor, pre-engaged woman waiting nervously for a ring.  She should be out showing him that she has other options.  Because that’s what Poppy really, really wants in life is to be married and have a baby.

Anyway — sorry for not posting for a little while.  I know I promised to write on a lot of topics related to economics and dating and plan to get back to that.  Have lots of thoughts, especially on Poppy.

Maybe she won’t listen to me but you can learn from her experience!

PS — am having a dinner party this week.  It’s last minute but I invited MK and PA, of course.  Mrs. G — the advisor for international students — because she might know of an international student who can take Poppy’s room.  I can’t afford to pay for the full two bedroom house and my place is adorable (and centrally located).  I also invited Poppy (and EM unfortunately) as well as NL and DS — two grad students of very fine quality who work with EM.  So it will be great fun and I’ll tell you more about it soon.



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