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Demand Curves: Pt 15

Out shopping and cooking for the big dinner party that I am having tonight.  The guest list keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Mrs G. just called to ask if she can bring Coco.  I can’t really say no to that, can I?   But this is going to make it really difficult for me to ask Mrs G. if there are any international students coming this semester who are looking for a place.  I envision a wonderful, sophisticated, worldly, modest girl.  But I know Coco is looking and really, really wants the room.  Who can blame her?  It’s a block from her lab.  And Poppy just called to ask if she can bring a couple of EM’s lab mates from out of town.

So much to cook.  I’m making a pineapple bundt cake, chocolate lavendar ice cream (first time making homemade ice cream!!), a sage polenta, and a pot roast.  This is an adventure because I don’t cook often.


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