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Demand Curves: Pt 17

Crazy news, folks.  Coco just moved in.  I have a new roommate.  Here’s the thing.  I avoided Coco like crazy last month because I knew she was looking for an apartment.  And I was looking for a roommate.

But then economics happened.  She came to my dinner party.  I cooked an amazing dinner and had an amazing time.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t prevent Mrs. G from bringing Coco and Coco asked about my free room in public.  I couldn’t say no.  All of our mutual friends were there #reputationrisks.

I also couldn’t say no because this apartment is in a prime location and I pay half of market rate #postdocSalary. One block from the gym, one block from the grocery store, free laundry, and walk-in closet.  So it was either that or move up the valley to another town.  So economics happened.

But here’s the thing.  I had a flash of inspiration during the dinner party.  Coco sleeps around.  I told you that before.  And I also told you that women who sleep around distort the dating market.  During dinner, DS asked about Coco and I realized he has a crush on her.  Now he is a good quality #valuecatch that I have been talking about for a long time.

So I, Lulu, have resolved that Coco and DS should be a couple.  I will make her understanding that sleeping around is bad, it lowers the “price” of sex so that men no longer need a relationship.  And I believe that at the very least, a relationship built on a strong emotional and spiritual connection should be the “price” of sex.  And I am going to change the world.  Starting with Coco!


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