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Review: The Life She Wants

life-she-wants    I love a good romance novel now and then and this week got lost in The Life She Wants – by Robyn Carr.  Although I found the book in the romance section at Barnes and Noble, A Life She Wants is every bit as much about friendship and survival as it is about romance.

The novel follows Emma Shay as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life in the wake of her husband’s stunning Bernie Madoff style deceit and subsequent suicide.  It’s a heavy load to handle — the public blames her for her crimes though she was as naive as any of his victims.  Emma returns to her childhood hometown with nothing save one friend determined to help her.  But childhood hometowns always have skeletons and as she picks up the pieces of her life she must come to terms with, and ultimately forgive, Riley, the childhood friend who betrayed her.

There is romance of this book – an endearing relationship develops between Emma and Riley’s supportive brother – but the real driver of this book is the relationship between Emma and Riley as the two friends go through the awkward stages of forgiveness.


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