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Review: Marry Me, Mad

marry-me-madSome romance novels actually make your arm tingle with excitement for the two lovers.  Katy Regnery‘s Marry Me, Mad is one of them.

Madeleine Rousseau discovers that her “fiance” (no ring  yet!!!, this is why I am always lecturing Poppy that the pre-engagement phase is dangerous) of three years – Thatcher (has the name of an overvalued man!!) is cheating on her.  Shocked and numb she ends up at the wrong side of town, drunk  at a piano bar where her sister’s high school flame, Cortlandt “Cort” Ambler is the piano player for the night.

He rescues her from her moment of drunken embarrassment (ew – vomiting, not very lady like.  See where the wrong man can lead you, ladies!!) and puts his own emotional needs and physical desires aside for her.  He is the very example of a good value man, ladies.

Cort is unwaveringly a good guy!  My favorite scene is the moment when he tries to seduce her and she tells him that she needs a friend right now.  Too often, when I turn to a man and tell them that I need a friend, they pout and whine.  In my experience, nothing terrifies men so much as the prospect of being in the friend-zone.  But not Cort.  He is ultimately a man about things and takes care of Mad when she needs it most.

Mad is also intensely drawn to him.  What will win?  Her strong feelings for Cort?  Or the sister code?  Read Marry Me, Mad and find out!


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