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Review: The Bride’s Necklace

the-brides-necklaceBeware.  Once you pick up Kat Martin‘s  The Bride’s Necklace, you will not want to put it down.  You will be gripped from the moment the sharp and steady Victoria Temple saves her sister from their lecherous stepfather and flees in the night with nothing but a cursed necklace and small satchel of clothes.

A few months later, Victoria and her ethereal sister, Claire, have run out of funds and Victoria is desperate for a job that would enable her to support her sister.  She takes a position working for the rakish (yet somehow responsible) Cordell Easton despite misgivings about the way he looks at her young sister.

Ladies: a few lessons in this story.  The main character, Victoria goes to great lengths to maintain her virtue for the bulk of the story.  As I’ve explained earlier, willingness to have sex too quickly lowers the price of sex and make sit difficult for women to get into a relationship.  Another side note: the story of the reformed rake is a fantasy that we should indulge in only through novels.  When it comes to our own romantic lives, it is imperative to seek out an undervalued man.

Is there a curse attached to the necklace that Victoria stole?  Did Victoria accidently murder her stepfather on the night that she fled with her sister?  Will Cord find his missing cousin Ethan?  Will he make a play for the innocent Claire?  Or will romance develop between Cord and Victoria?  These questions will make you turn the page as you read The Bride’s Necklace.



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