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Review: Seasons of Love

seasons-of-loveWe write about what we know…and that’s why I use economic theory to describe my friends’ romances.  But with fiction, we escape into what we don’t know and I recommend that we do that often.  Harper Bliss‘s Seasons of Love is a lesbian romance that exploits the age gap between the main characters.  The age gap is worth exploring from an economics perspective – but the romance area that lies outside of my economic authority.  Nonetheless, the book still a good read.  A good romance is a good romance and a good story is a good story and good characters are good characters.

Alice McAllister is a responsible (er – bit of an uptight workaholic) lawyer on vacation at her business partner’s vacation home in Portugal.  Her solitude is threatened when her business partner’s daughter joins her in the vacation home.  Initially, she resents the free-spirited Joy but eventually, Joy’s youth and confidence gives her new energy.  Joy wears scanty clothing and introduces Alice to the new fangled technologies (wink) such as facebook and instagram.

You’ll be drawn in as the relationship between Alice and Joy grows deeper and will enjoy  Seasons of Love for its introspective character development and angst.  But as Alice and Joy grow closer, how will Miranda react?  Read and find out 🙂


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