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#dating quiz Decoding #ValentinesDay for ladies


#Valentine’s Day is coming up and filled with angst for everyone.  And the holiday raises a lot of questions from an economics and relationships perspective.  Spending per person on the holiday averages$142.31 and cumulative Vday spending approximates $18.9 billion.  What do you think?  Is this the commercialization of love or an important signal of affection?

Will he forget or will he do something special?  Will you be that one embarrassed girl in the office when everyone else gets flowers?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below…

Will you dump him if he forgets?  What do you desire from  him on Vday?  How do  you feel he treats  you?  Do you think that the way he treats Vday means something?  Which gifts signal that he’s a manwhore? What gifts signal that he’s a good quality man?

Comment below about what is more meaningful:Candy

A. Candy
B. Flowers
C. Cards
D. Jewelry
E. Dinner
F. Clothing
G. Gift Cards
H. Other Gifts


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