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Demand Curves: Pt 19

Blogs are likely diaries (speaking of which — what did you think of Bridget Jones’s Baby?).  You start them on Jan 1, documenting every detail of your day.  Then you gradually summarize the main events and then start to skip days.

So you know by now that Coco moved in and Poppy moved out.  Valya is in Stockholm for part of the semester doing research.  Which means that I am pretty lonely without my core group of friends.  Yes, Poppy is just two streets away.  But everything has changed now that she moved in with EM.  She is convinced that he’s going to propose this Vday.  Honestly, who proposes on Vday?  And she goes home early every day to cook for him, clean for him, and make herself “indispensable” so that he does propose.   I told you pre-engagement is a mistake.  So she works full time and does all the housework and probably gives him massages and stuff while he spends his evenings out with the guys from his lab at the Premiere Pub.  Big mistake, Poppy, huge.

But I miss Poppy.  We had a routine going that just can’t be replaced with Coco.  Poppy and I would drink tea and discuss relationships and go to the gym together.  Coco loves to party.  She loves to gossip about men too thought.  And it’s interesting to see.  We’ve been living together for twelve days now and she has fallen in love with NT and GG.  I am still determined to see her get together with DS.  That’s complicated though because DS and NT are roommates.  They do everything together, share everything.  But tonight is operation make Coco fall for the good guy.  Okay – I need to work on those operation names.  That one isn’t very catchy.  But NT and DS are having a pre-Valentine’s Day party.  Let’s face it NT is the most rakish man on campus (t least amongst PhD students and postdocs – there are probably B-School students and undergrads who could give him a run for his money) so this Vday party is all about him making himself available to vulnerable female grad students, Coco included.  But I am determined to go and make sure that she gets together with DS.


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