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Demand Curves: Pt 20

Coco and I are doing everything that we can to make ourselves beautiful when we go out.  She’s really excited about this party and can’t stop talking about NT.  I can’t wait to see her safely hooked up with DS and prove for once and for all that a woman who makes the secure and rational choice is happiest.  Making people happy in romance requires a lot of sacrifices.  I mean, to tell you the truth, I would rather stay home tonight with a good romance novel.  (Btw – I depend on you for recommendations on what to read next bc I keep my romance reading habit a secret from my friends and colleagues.  So write your recommendations in the comments below and I’ll let you know what I think of the books in future posts 🙂

Economics lesson: A woman’s beauty is her value.  Beauty really pays.  In the labor market looks have a big impact on how much you earn and in the romance market…Well…When Valya gets back into town, we’ll have an up close look at the value of beauty.  It’s really something to behold.  In the meantime, suffice to say that Coco and I have work to do tonight.


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