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Review: The Best Man

If you enjoy books about pithe-best-mancking up pieces of a broken past, Kristan Higgins‘s The Best Man will satisfy you. It stands out in the genre for being funny, sweet, sad, and romantic.  Faith Higgins is about to marry the perfect man.  Jeremy, her finance is the kind of guy that they don’t make anymore – handsome and polite, supportive and athletic — an amazing football player.  The kind of romance that happens in movies or makes you feel wistfully nostalgic for 1980s Americana.  Then, right in the middle of the perfect wedding, Jeremy comes out, turning Faith’s world inside out, and she flees to San Francisco for a number of years to start a life for herself.

When she comes home, she must confront the best: the finance that jilted her, complex family relationships, and the emotional toll of her mother’s loss.  As she tackles these issues, will chemistry with her ex fiance’s best friend, Levi threaten her attempts to move on?  Read The Best Man and find out.

PS – Another reason to read this book.  I always say that dating is due diligence.  Faith seems to share this value and there is a wonderful dating scene where she pulls out her due diligence list.  Faith’s due diligence list has questions that cut to the chase and help her identify whether he wants a stable relationship, how many sexual partners he has had, whether they have shared values, whether he has STDs. Practical matters that all women should want to know on a first date.  Her date, in turn, confronts her with a due diligence list of his own: does she like spankings, slavery, maid’s uniforms.  Her answers will make you laugh out loud but the scene is all too close to reality for many of my female friends.  And it’s a perfect illustration of how the dating market works when the “price” of sex is too low.




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