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Review: Riveted

riveted-header-bannerMeet Dixie – the heroine ofJay Crownover‘s Riveted is caring, sweet, and tender.  She is the kind of woman who is always upbeat, pretending to be happy no matter what even if she’s dealing with obnoxious comments from customers (she works as a cocktail waitress).  Even if her tinder date brings his mother along.  For a second, she believes that Church sees her – truly sees her.  But then she realizes he is just doing his job, looking out for the safety of everyone in the bar.  Is a soul mate really a soul mate if only one person feels it?

Church is a guy with a past that will break your heart.  He should be at home in the South – but he’s stopped in Denver because he can’t figure out how to go home and face the past.   Then something happens and he can’t stop hiding.  Will Dixie help him move beyond his tragic and unstable life?  Or will he drag her into danger?  Read Riveted and find out!

Ultimately this book is a book about coming home and finding home in our relationships with others.  In our modern, wandering world where no one is rooted in one place, falling in love can be difficult.  What good does it do to fall in love if her place is in Colorado and his is Mississippi?  This is a common hurdle for many relationships and worth thinking about as you read (dating is due diligence :)).   I’m being my analytical self again.  Dont’ be fooled.  This book will keep you on the edge of your seat — er, riveted —  with romance and motorcycles, a car chase and a kidnapping.



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