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Review: How Not to Let Go


On the surface, Emily Foster‘s How Not to Let Go is a book that too many of my female friends would find to be relatable.  It is love story for the broken and wounded postdocs!!  Beyond the surface, this book is emotional and dark. It’s more the story of recovery than the story of romance.

Annie has fallen for the Charles, the handsome British postdoc in her lab.  The broken handsome British postdoc.  And – as can be expected of broken men- he hurt her.  Badly.  Now she’s thrown herself into the M.D./PhD program in an effort to move forward with her life, but when they reunite at an academic conference the two struggle with the age-old lust vs friendship question.  Academic conferences are hotbeds for romance, flings, one night stands, and long intense conversations btw.  The novel follows Charles’s rocky attempts to struggle with his desire for Annie and his knowledge that he’s not ready for a relationship.  That one will sound familiar to all of my girlfriends.  Is Annie the remedy for Charles’s past is dark past?  Or will her relationship with him pull her into the darkness.  Read How Not to Let Go and find out.




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