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Demand Curves: Pt 22

Poppy was certain that today was the day.  EM was going to propose to her.  She was asleep when he came in last night so when she woke up at 5 am, she kissed him lovingly and carefully, making sure not to wake him.  She dressed in the black pencil skirt, black and white checkered blouse, and black Rockport pumps that she had set aside the previous evening.  She cooked breakfast for EM and packed his lunch.

Then she was out the door for work and smiling hugely throughout the morning as she tackled two research papers on corporate governance.  By the afternoon, though, she had stopped smiling.  A trickle of flowers, cards, and candies had arrived in the office and soon, she was the only girl with nothing on her desk.

Even Kalli – her hippyish co-worker who had declared that Vday was just a corporate holiday had received an eco-friendly Vday card and a box of raw chocolates.

Poppy almost called Lulu to discuss this.  She even picked up her headset and started to dial.  But Lulu was a bit of a pain lately and she couldn’t stand EM.  She had warned Poppy not to move in with him.  The last time they spoke, she had warned her that pre-commitments don’t work and downgraded him to aBB+ – as though he were a bond.  She didn’t want to give Lulu the satisfaction of gloating.  So she put away her phone and hid her tears from the other girls in the office.



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