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Review: Insert Groom Here

insert-groom-hereOne of the best things about K.M. Jackson‘s  Insert Groom Here is that it explores dating questions that most modern women face but does so from within a context most women will never experience yet one we can all recognize.

Eva Ward has her life planned out like a puzzle.  She is organized and well coiffed.  More importantly, she is in the perfect relationship and ready to marry the perfect man.  On national television.  How cool is that!.  Then her moment in the sun is turned into a public humiliation and she loses it, publically, kicking the cameraman on the way out the door.  Very publically.  The moment goes viral and her name is quickly attached to the hashtag #InsertGroomHere.  The television studio seizes the moment to turn a one-off wedding show into a reality t.v. show (btw if you watch The Bachelor – you’ll love this book).

Eva is convinced that Aidan – the cameraman that she kicked during her fit is behind her national humiliation.  But will she recognize his caring side?  And if she does, what will win in a war between passion and trust? Can an adrenaline junkie make things work with a hyper-organized, super-stable woman?  Should life be planned or spontaneous Read Insert Groom Here and find out!


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