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Review: The Perils of Paulie

perils-of-paulieCombine one teaspoon of Russian mafia, four tablespoons reality t.v.,  a half a cup of British aristocracy, a pinch of an interest in Nellie Bly, and four cups of desire for a grand adventure around the world, place in the over and bake for forty minutes.  The result will be Katie MacAlister‘s very fun The Perils of Paulie.

Raised by an overprotective father, Paulina Rostakova feels trapped by her sheltered life.  Before leaving Russia, her father had dealings with some very bad dudes and he’ll do everything in his power to protect her.  She can’t go anywhere without being tailed by one of his bodyguard’s / henchmen. That suddenly changes when her stepmother arranges for to participate on a reality t.v. reenactment of a historic car race across Asia, Russia, and Europe.  She’ll dress in suffragette clothing and race around Europe in vintage cars.

As the adventure begins, Paulie’s heart is twisted into a few knots by Dixon who appears to be repulsed by her.  Will the race bring them closer together?  Or will it bring her closer to rejection? And what about the Russian mafia?  Read The Perils of Paulie and find out.


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