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Review: Secret Sisters

secret-sistersIt’s rare to find a romance novel that is so suspenseful that you will literally lean forward in your seat while reading it.  But that’s what I found myself doing with Jayne Anne Krentz‘ Secret Sisters.

Eighteen years ago, Madeline and her sister left Cooper Island with a terrible secret that she shares Daphne, her childhood friend, and Tom, the caretaker at her grandmother’s inn on the Island.  Years later, she has lost contact with Daphne but in the wake of her grandmother’s death, their secret is unburied.  Can Madeline turn to her for help?  Will her head of security, Jack Rayner and his brother Abe be able to protect them from a temperamental killer?  Will the political ambitions of the wealthiest family on Cooper Island prevent them from finding answers? What will Jack and Madeline do about the desire that they feel for each other?  And will it get in the way of their investigation into the past?  Read Secret Sisters and find out.


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