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Review: Strawberry Wine

strawberry-wine“There’s something about first love that tends to stick with a person, even years afterward.” When it comes to romance novels and chick flicks, first love and reminiscence of the one who got away are such common themes that it’s tough to pull off.  The characters have to be really loveable and relateable to keep the reader turning the page.To her credit,

To her credit, Darly Jamison does just this in Strawberry Wine – a romance novel that will leave you feeling a little teary and nostalgic.

Addison Granger is engaged to a man who looks good on paper  (ie a doctor) but there are warning signs that things aren’t all that they seem to be.  For one thing, he has yet to meet her close-knit family.  She looks forward to one day inheriting her family farm and has strong memories growing up in a rural area – an idea that he seems far from delighted with.

And then there is the question of Addie’s first love.  Is the memory of her first love holding her back and keeping her from finding a good relationship?  When she unexpectedly runs into him will sparks and passion fly?  Or will this be the moment when she can finally move forward with her life?  Read Strawberry Wine and find out.

Dating advice: make you sure sort these things out before your engagement (Start exploring these issues on the second date.  Not joking!).  Dating is due diligence and if you don’t have the same goals, your relationship won’t work no matter how romantic, how passionate, how loving.




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