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Review: The Undoing

the-undoingJace has an anger management problem.  Her rage is unpredictable and out of control. Maybe it’s because her husband killed her.  Or, maybe it’s because she’s a Berserker Crow – her rage is useful in battle.

And you thought your romantic life was complicated.

In Shelly Laurenston‘s The Undoing, the Crows are a clandestine group of people brought back from the dead to serve Viking deities.  The have a tentative truce with the Protectors – another clandestine clan who was originally created to destroy all of the world’s Crows.  Now then have a semi-truce as they both hunt for artifacts that have been lost or stolen from the Nordic deities.  When the Protectors need a Russian translator to help with their library collection, Ski is forced to ask Jace for help.  She refuses, of course.

But when the Crows ask her to find a job – and maybe find a way to control her rage, she reconsiders.  Will Jace find romance with the peaceful Ski?  Will they be able to stop a vengeful deity hellbent on destroying the world?  And can Jace save the Crows from the Carrion?  Is there a salve for rotting flesh?

And most importantly, can a woman who has been killed once by a former husband find love?  Read The Undoing and find out.


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