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Review: Make Me Love You

Dominic Wolfe has challenged Robert Whitworth to one too many duels.  It’s caused quite a scandal in the scene around London.  Prince George demands that the Whitworth and Wolfe families end the violence and form an alliance – via marriage.  Although Thomas Whitworth is indignant, his wife Harriet sees the value of sending their neglected daughter Brooke to the Wolfe estate.  It might be the only chance to save her son and their estate.

The idea of feuding families and tragic love comes off as being a bit Romeo-and-Juliet-esque but the characters in Johanna Lindsey‘s Make Me Love You are a force.  Will their end be just as tragic?

Robert Whitworth – the heir – likes the idea of sending Brooke off to be married.  He is certain that Dominic Wolfe will refuse Brooke and be stripped of his land and titles.  If the Wolfe family is reduced to paupers and their feud goes away, all the better for him.  He moreover instructs Brooke to poison the Wolfe after their wedding.

Brooke is initially disappointed.  Her brother’s dueling is going to cost her the Season in London.  But she quickly realizes that the marriage arrangement is an opportunity to escape from her family.  Brooke is the tomboy type whose hobbies include: horseback riding and curing ailments with herbs from the garden so in my perspective the Season in London wouldn’t suit her anyway.

When Brooke arrives at Wolfe’s home, however, she learns the reason behind all of the duels.  Her brother killed Wolfe’s sister.  And he has nothing but animosity for her.

Wolfe is still injured from the duel.  Will her knowledge of herbs and leeches save him?  Will it lessen the animosity he feels toward her? (Leeches are truly a way to seduce a man!)  Will he succeed at driving her away and stripping her family of its lands and titles?

Slowly the two begin to respect each other.  But when Dominic goes to London will he learn that her brother instructed her to poison him after the wedding?  And if so, will he trust her?  Or will the bond between Brooke and Dominic only intensify the hatred between the two families?  Read Make Me Love You and find out.

My favorite part of this novels is when Brooke urges Dominic to marry her to preserve his title and tells him to take a mistress.  She wants him to take several mistresses, the more the merrier.  And she wants him to buy her a thoroughbred for each one that he takes.  Hmm.  Now I want a husband who will take a lot of mistresses.




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