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Review: Deception Island

deception-island.jpegWhen it comes to romance novels, it’s pretty rare to find one that is dark and tackles serious themes like human trafficking.  Brynn Kelly‘s Deception Island is a rare exception, reminding me of the movie Blood Diamonds in the sense that this is squarely a genre novel that brings awareness of an important social issue.  Deception Island is suspenseful enough that I could see it being made into a similar kind of movie.

The deal is a kidnap for a kidnap.

Rafe Angelito’s son has been kidnapped and in return he been ordered to kidnap Laura Hyland, the daughter of an American senator.  There’s just one problem Laura is sailing and sipping cocktails on her father’s yatch in Bali while Holly Ryan is circumnavigating the globe on a stunt tour, posed as Laura.

Holly has a criminal past and aims to turn over a new leaf.  No more cons.  She plans to be a law abiding citizen.  But when she is kidnapped and her first couple of escapes fail, she has to turn on the charm and seduction to save her life.

As they grow closer together, she learns more about his past – his life growing up in a refugee camp and his induction into a militia as a child soldier.  Now the same brutal group has kidnapped his son.  The portrayal of the life of child soldiers and human trafficking is brutal and devastating, and I really appreciate Brynn Kelly for bringing these themes and this awareness into a mainstream novel.

Will Rafe fall for her seduction?  Will she fall for him in the process?  Will her seductions save her?  Will he be forced to kill her when he finds out that she is not who she claims to be?  Read Deception Island and find out.


Did you know that there are between 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today?

Did you know that the average cost of a slave is $90?

Did you know that many child soldiers are forced to act violently against their families so that they have no choice to ever return home?

Did you know that in the past ten years, there have been 21 armed conflicts that recruit child soliders?

As you read Deception Island, please also check out – The Polaris Project, Urban LightGoodWeave, and Child Soldiers International.




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