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Review: Breathless

breathless-beverly-jenkinsRomance on the frontier is breathless with danger and Beverly Jenkins‘s Breathless definitely brings the old West adventure to her romance.

Portia Carmichael will not be getting married to just any man.  Her mother fell in love with a man who sent her daughters packing, and Portia was raised by her Uncle Rhine and Aunt Eddy.  And the love that Uncle Rhine and Aunt Eddy share is rare and true.

But it’s not without it’s dangers.  Soon after moving in with their aunt uncle, they find themselves fleeing town in the night crouched in a wagon because Uncle Rhine pretended to be white.

They end up running a dude ranch in Arizona — true West stuff.  Then, a face from the past shows up —  Kent Randolph is looking for a job.  He’s had an adventurous fifteen years that includes seducing women and spending time in a Mexican prison and working in San Francisco.

If Kent is wild and adventurous, Portia is stable and ambitious.  She manages the hotel, the guests, and the books.  And no amount of passion will get in the way of that.  As Kent spends more time with them, he renders her mindless.  Is Kent here to stay or is he just passing buy?  Is he a distraction from the family business or is he here to stay and help them manage things?  Will Portia be able to hold down the family business in the face of arson and Apache raids?  Read Breathless and find out.





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