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Review: Fury on Fire

fury-on-fireThe story of a redeemable man with a tragic past is a common theme in romantic novels.  But in Fury on FireSophie Jordan is particularly bold to bring together ex-convict together with a goodie-goodie who bakes scones for her neighbor.  Of course, North Callahan, the ex-convict, is a particularly sexy ex-convinct.

Faith is ready for some adventure.  She works full time, then comes home and cooks for her father and brothers.  But she doesn’t have a social life.  So she carefully saves up her money and buys a starter home – a duplex with a hot neighbor (that part was unplanned).  She throws herself into the task of organizing and cooking when she notices that her neighbor is particularly good looking and imagines a commitment-free (yeah, right — women just don’t think this way) tangle with him.

However, he is determined to avoid her, the rude little bastard that he is, and she ends up delivering the scones to a female friend (with benefits) of his.

The louder North and his lady friends are, the more Faith begins having sex fantasies about him.  I always find this to be a weird part of rom coms  and romance novels.  Chocolates, gifts, men who do chores for me are attractive.  The idea of a woman being attracted to a man’s body just for his body or fantasizing about sex seems foreign to me.

He in turn fantasizes about her but continues to ignore her until his lady friend shows up drunk.  He comes over to straighten things out and they ogle each other, turning him off to strange, drunk women.

Faith looks into him. No more miss nice girl.  No more notes. No more being ignored.  Not after an ogle-fest like that.  Her father is the Sheriff so she uses her connects to find out about his very ugly rap sheet.  He is a convicted murderer.

Will a little thing like being a convicted murder (not even wrongfully accused – this author is bold) stand in the way of their love?  Or will she settle down for nice-guy Brendan Cooper.  After all, Brendan has an Audi.  Will her brother’s protective instincts prevent Faith and Nathan from getting together?  Will their fantasies turn into reality?  Can North move beyond the past?  Can Faith’s family?  Will the insecurity and unworthiness get in the way?  Read Fury on Fire and find out.


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