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Review: Highland Sinner

book_highland-sinner.pngSomeone – or something – is trying to frame Sir Tormand Murray.  First, he wakes up next to a corpse in the bedchamber of a woman with whom he has been having an affair.  Although he sneaks out unscathed, his ring is later found in the dead woman’s bedchamber.

In Highland Sinner, author Hannah Howell treats witchcraft with modern day and does a good job of capturing the fear and animosity that the town treats Morainn in the face of a series of gory killings.

Recalling that his foster brother had had some similar bad luck with women, someone recommends that he contacts a witch.  Tormand – ever the pragmatistic – doesn’t quite believe in witches.  He believes in the pleasure of life — and being quite the playboy.  He’s “kenned” plentiful women.

But when another of those women meets the same fate, his fate is thrown together with Morainn.


Morrain can’t help but be intrigued by the crime and by Tormand.  She’s been having visions of a man with death sitting on his shoulder.  But her presence and curiosity are a danger to her.  The crowd does not trust witches.  Shopkeepers shudder and cross themselves in her presence.


And as for Tormand — it’s probably not a good idea to get yourself romantically involved with a witch after you’ve been associated with a crime scene — but he can’t help but be intrigued by Morainn.  She is a woman after all.  And beautiful.

Who this killer going after every woman that was “kenned” by Tormand?  Who is trying to frame him and why?  Are Morainn’s vision dreams enough to bring justice?  Can Morainn and Tormand together escape this ruthless killer?  Will the fire burning between Morainn and Tormand be the same fire that burned between him and so many other women?  Or can he be faithful and offer the soul deep love she needs?  Can she trust him despite his past?  Read Highland Sinner and find out.


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