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Review: Marrying Emily

marrying-emily.jpgSusan Stoker‘s Marrying Emily is an unusual romance novel in that it starts where most romance novels end — with a wedding.  Fletch, the lucky groom, is part of a team of Delta Force soldiers, and has already adopted Emily’s spirited daughter, Annie.

Annie is the kind of girl who is wearing combat boots with her wedding dress and enjoys playing soldier.  She’s is a tomboy — full of heart and energy and fun.  She is also utterly unpredictable.

Emily could not be happier that Fletch has adopted Annie.  The affection between Annie and Fletch shines throughout the ceremony. But can all of this perfection last?

It’s a beautiful wedding.  Until….

No, no one gets jilted at the alter or discovers that they are secretly married as is typical of romance books.  What happens is actually must worse.  The wedding guests are taken hostage at gunpoint.  Fletch is confident that he and his Delta Force team could over take the gunmen.  But can they do so without putting the women in danger?  Many of the members of the Delta Team (and SEALs in attendance) have been injured in combat. Are the injured members of the Delta Force up to the task after they have relinquished their prosthetic arms and legs to the gunmen?  And as he formulates a plan, can he account for his adopted daughter’s free-spirited, unpredictable behavior?  Read Marrying Emily and find out.

One thing that is very unique about Marrying Emily is that the book focuses substantially more on the character and their struggles than on the hostage situation.  There is a grim reality to how American veterans are treated and the trauma that many went through in Iraq.  Susan Stoker brings veterans issues front and center and the book will provoke you to consider the place of veterans in our society.  Here are some organizations to check out:  The Wounded Warrior Project, The Given Limb Foundation, and Fischer House Foundation.  Please add more to the comments below.




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