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Review: Someone to Hold

someone-to-holdIn Someone to Hold, Mary Balogh channels Jane Austen and Eddie Murphy as an heiress trades places with an orphan and romance is made complicated by England’s archaic inheritance laws. Set in a beautiful Bath setting, of course, beautiful Bath setting.

Lady Camille Westcott lived a life of privilege until the death of her father when she and her sister Abigail learn that he had another daughter from a former marriage.  Their newfound sister was raised as an orphan and is the proper heir to his estate.  Even worse.  Their father’s marriage with their mother had been illegitimate and bigamous.  Thus, she, Camille is a bastard.

And as Lady Camille is cast away from a world in which a woman’s life and liberty is controlled by parents and maids and nurses and chaperones, governesses and husbands and society at large, she also looses a fiance and must forge a new identity for herself.

Taking matters into her own hands, Lady Camille begins working as a teacher in the very orphanage that her half-sister Anastasia grew up in.  Joel Cunningham was raised in the

Joel Cunningham — the handsome and talented young artist who teaches alongside Camille – was raised in the orphanage alongside Anastasia (known to him as Anna Snow).  It was there that he had fallen in love with her.  He is determined to dislike Camille for being unkind to Anna?  Will he resent Camille for taking Anna’s place?  Will sitting for the portrait bring them closer together? Or will it make him hate her more? What will he feel when she intuits his love for Anna?

Will Camille get past the shock of her situation and learn to embrace her newly found half-sister?  Or are they doomed to hate each other forever?   Or will the attraction that she feels for Joel get in the way?  Will Joel grow to respect and love Camille? Or will his feelings for Anna get in the way?

Read Someone to Hold and find out.



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