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Review: Healing A Heart

healing-a-heartMeet Jake, the fifteen most eligible man in Texas.  Women just keep showing up at his doorstep offering themselves in marriage.  Meet Bryn, the free-spirited hippie chick who had a one night stand with Jake (before he was the fifteen most eligible bachelor in Texas).

These two might be an illogical match but they will win you over in Amy Lillard‘s Healing a Heart.

Bryn is pregnant and determined to keep the baby. But when she tries to do the right thing by telling Jake about the baby he tells her to get rid of it.  And cowboys were supposed to be noble.  She is so out of there.  Except his mother and Grandmother ask – beg – her to stay.  They are noble.  Women always are 🙂

And so Jake is forced to spend time with Bryn even though he realizes that his forceful and strong mother and grandmother (They remind me of the Mom and Grandma from The Proposal – yeah Sandra Bullock!!) will try to make him marry Bryn.

As Bryn and Jake spend time together, though, she grows closer to his family — his mother and grandmother as well as his sister-in-law Jesse.  The people around town are resentful of her and Jesse for stealing the most eligible bachelors around.  Will they get in the way of romance?  Will Jake’s tragic past prevent him from loving again?

Read Healing A Heart and find out.





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