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Review: A Teaspoon of Trouble

a-teaspoon-of-trouble.jpegMix together a spoonful of nostalgia, an ounce of high school sweetheart, a cup full of charity bake-off, a large hunk of gorgeous veterinarian, a sweet four-year-old orphan, a pinch of unruly dog, and a charity baking event.  Let set and enjoy.  This is the recipe for Shirley Jump‘s A Teaspoon of Trouble.

Carolyn Hanson works an eighty hour per week job as a sous chef in New York City and lives in a tiny apartment.  But when her sister Sandy is killed in a car accident, leaving her nurse Emma in her care, Carolyn must figure out how to make room for a four-year-old.  And an unruly dog.

Carolyn has no idea how to talk to a child much less connect with one.  She has no idea what to say when Emma keeps asking for her mother.  So she takes Emma on vacation to hometown in Montana.  Maybe her mother will give her some ideas.  There she runs into the town veterinarian, Matt, who was her former high school sweetheart.

Matt and Carolyn make a deal.  She will coach him at baking and make sure he wins the town charity bachelor bake-off and he will teach her how to make the dog obey.


As Matt and Carolyn spend more time together will their old chemistry return?  How will they reconcile the small town life that he wants with the big city life that she wants?  Will Carolyn learn to connect to Emma?  Will she figure out how to support a four year old daughter into her demanding lifestyle?  Will Carolyn’s baking lessons pay off?  Or will Matt burn the town down during the competition?  Read A Teaspoon of Trouble and find out.



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