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Review: Now That I’ve Found You

now-that-ive-found-youDrake Sullivan is a prestigious artist living in a secluded hunter’s cabin near Montauk, and Rosalind  (Rosa) Bouchard is a trashy reality t.v. show star.  When a scandal breaks out and naked photos of her are spread across the internet, she climbs into her old car and drives for twenty-four hours, checking into a hotel under a false name.

Rosalind is the center of public attention.  Some believe she is an exhibitionist.  Some believe that the naked photos are a violation of her private life.  Experts weigh in.

And it’s not easy to hide out without help.  And when her car breaks down on the side of the road, Drake steps in to help her out, arranging to get her car repaired and helping with the bills so that she can maintain her privacy without using her credit cards.

In Now That I’ve Found You, Bella Andre brings two unlikely people together and makes you root for them.  Drake — who has been living a very private life in self-imposed exile in Montauk — feels the urge to paint Rosalind.  But he has sworn never to paint people.

But when Rosa shows up to his cabin and finds him painting her, he asks her permission and she agrees on the condition that he never show a single person. she goes to thank him and repay him and finds him painting her.  He asks her for permission to paint her.  She doesn’t know if she should trust him or not.

Will he keep his promise?  What will happen when his sister shows up and sees the paintings?  If Rosalind finds out will she trust him?  And as he continues painting Rosa, will be become his father – a man who singularly and obsessively painted one woman (Drake’s mother) until she left them and it broke him?  Is he making himself vulnerable to love?  And if so will that love be obsessive and destructive as his father’s?  Read Now That I’ve Found You and find out.


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