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Review: Everything For Her

everything-for-herMallory was raised in foster care in Connecticut.  She went to Yale on a scholarship.  And now she has one of the most coveted internships in the country.  She’ll be working at Osbourne Corp — the same company that sponsored her scholarship and paid for her education.  And although she can’t afford New York, her Yale roommate, Paige can afford to buy a condo in Lennox Hill.

So Paige and Lennox can do New York in style.  And on the night before her internship, they go out for a drink at a bar.  She is waiting for Paige to finish talking to a man when a mysterious man pays for her drink.  Altough Mallory initially hesitates to give him her name and phone number  — his shoes cost more than her rent — they are soon trading intense and flirty texts..  She hesitantly gives her name and number to him.  He calls himself Oz.  As in the wizard of.

Is he sweet and charming?  Presumptuous and controlling?  In Everything for Her, Alexa Riley explores the fine line between love and obsession.

At first things seem perfect.  She’s off to a great start at her internship.  Oz sends charming and flirty texts.  He whisks her off to great restaurants.  He drops off package’s with her doorman.

He keeps her on pins and needles waiting for his texts.  It’s fun and scary at once that he comes on so strong.  She thinks he’s just trying to get laid although he promises that he’s after much more.  And checks in – wishes her luck, asks how her day was.  He is charming and she is hooked.

Except that he also orders her to wear her hair up and to wear red lipstick.  He is jealous of her shirt — because it look’s like another man’s shirt.  And suddenly the man that Paige had been talking to in the bar shows up, following them everywhere.  And suddenly Paige is acting very weird, constantly asking her about Oz, and warning her that men like Oz aren’t always what they seem.

It turns out that the secret man is Miles Osbourne and when he finds Paige dancing with their old statistic’s professor, he attacks the man.  Why is Paige acting so strangely?  Do Miles love Mallory?  Or is he a crazy man with a bank account?  Read Everything For Her and find out.








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