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Review: Princess for a Bride

princess-for-a-brideVictoria Rothman is getting married to a man she hardly knows.  As the Princess of Villemont, a small country that borders France and Switzerland, it is important to forge a permanent alliance between her family and that of her father’s best friend.  And while Edward Farmingham Channing IV might have been a fixture of her childhood, it hardly bothers her that the man never speaks with her.

It doesn’t matter if husband and wife lead separate lives just so long as they produce an heir and hold one of the most extravagant weddings in all of Europe.  In Princess for A Bride, Noelle Adams  explores the limits and possibilities of romance in an arranged marriage.

Marrying Edward had originally been her sister Amalie’s responsibility.  But her sister went to university in the United States and married a laid back American.  So to the altar it is for Victoria and Edward.  Edward seems entirely bored and unexcited during the wedding ceremony and downright cold on their wedding night.

When he offers to delay sex until they know one another better, is he being concerned and caring?  Or is something else going on?  As the two vacation in at an exclusive resort in Fiji, he locks himself away.  She draws him out and the two slowly become closer.  But why doesn’t he kiss her?  And why does he withdraw one moment, confide in her the next?  Why does he neglect her and then feel jealous?

Fairytale moment: he offers her access to his money and own account — giving her a freedom that she has never felt before as a princess.  Although she immediately promises not to waste his money.

As the two grow closer together in Fiji, Victoria realizes she no longer wants a husband with whom she will lead separate lives.  But she’s not going to beg for his attention and affection.  She’s a Rothman, after all.

Will Victoria and Edward trust each other with their secret’s?  What does Edward do when he locks himself away in a secret room all day?  Read Princess for a Bride and find out.






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