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Review: Death, Taxes, and Sweet Potato Fries

Death-Taxes-and-Sweet-Potato-Fries-Cover-184x300Diane Kelly‘s Death, Taxes, and Sweet Potato Fries is just the kind of romance novel that you want to read in today’s political climate.  It features the romance life of an IRS agent who is assisting Border Patrol with a human trafficking case.  You’ll learn a lot.

IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway is fixin to tie the knot with Nick Pratt.  They are engaged and she could not be more astonished.  Mrs. Tara Pratt.  She likes the sound of it.

And who better than Nick to partner with when she is asked to assist in investigating a “coyote” how has trafficked numerous undocumented workers across the border.  Are coyotes like an underground railroad for migrants?  Or are they like human traffickers?  Tara weighs in on the debate as she pursues a man who has kidnapped three young women who paid him to move them across the border.  They are being held hostage so she has to move quickly on this one.

But when her leads keep coming up cold, she must reach out to a former flame who has employed a number of these undocumented immigrants?  Is he connected to the “coyote”?  Can he persuade his employees to participate in an investigation that could lead to their jail or deportation?

Will Tara’s relationship with her former flame, Brett, destroy what she and Nick have built together?  Should she tell Nick that she is investigating Brett’s nursery?  If she keeps a secret will it hurt their relationship?  Will a relationship spat between Nick and Tara prevent them from finding the kidnapped girls in time?  Will migrants speak out about the crime when they fear deportation?  Where are the girls?  Are they being abused?  Will an entitled senator’s friend get in the way with his demands on Tara’s time?  Read Death, Taxes, and Sweet Potato Fries and find out.

Side note: I love romance novels that are quietly informative. This book discusses some unusual aspects of border control that I have never thought about, like the effect of borders on the animal and wildlife population, ecosystems and habitats.



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